Rishab KhannaSome times the COP could  be a crazy maze of people, where we could  loose  our way both physically and metaphorically. This is what happened to Hugh Montgomery ( a physician and a professor at University College London, and championing  the health and climate)  and I on the third day of the COP (Conference of Parties), when we were looking for a place to eat and catch up. Just as we were about to discover our path, we found Geoff Lean.

‘we are all here for a common purpose’

Geoff Lean is a phenomenal environmental journalist ,who has had a major impact on the environment movement around the world. Hugh and Geoff met and just connected not only on the issues of climate and health, but they seemed to have met in the operation theater, where Hugh had treated Geoff a decade back.

There was such a joy in that moment of reunion,Geoff was given a new life by this person who was next to him. They both now shared a common purpose, to save humanity from catastrophic climate change. The encounter reminds me of a bigger picture, in which we are all here for a common purpose , and renewed by sense of hope that there was something bigger that was supporting us in our work. We are not alone and isolated, are a manifestation of the collective consciousness.


One thought on “Reunion

  1. Amazing when these kinds of moments happen. Often just when we need them. Thanks for sharing this story. A great insight into your experience.

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