Meet the Rio+20 team

Tatiana Sokolova is a team leader in organising a yearly international conference at Initiatives of Change international conference centre in Caux, Switzerland, dedicated to global economy. She is currently doing a Master degree in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University, Sweden. Her research is focussed on methodology of interdisciplinary research for sustainable development, including the factors of achieving synergy between researchers from various disciplines.

Gloria Gallardo, the Director of Research Studies for CEFO, involved in two research projects based in Uppsala: GloPat – Global Patterns of Production and Consumption: Current Problems and Future Possibilities and Beyond private and public property. Territorial use rights to fisheries (TURFS) as a sustainable solution to manage threatened sedentary marine resources. Research interests: rural development, property rights, land tenure structure and management, management of marine coastal resources, fishing organizations and communities, the institutions of the commons, and participatory and interdisciplinary research methodology.

Anett Sasvari is a Ph.D. student focusing on wind power development on Saami reindeer herding pastures in Sweden, specifically interested in issues concerning the contestation of resource sovereignty and how Saami land rights are disputed and negotiated in the courts and in participation and consultation processes in light of issues such as self-determination, sustainable development, and climate change.

Marit Widman is a Ph.D. student in environmental and resource economics at the Department of Economics at Swedish Agricultural University (SLU). Marit’s research is about a current land titling reform in Madagascar, its outcome and its implications for gender equality.

Katharina Brinkert is working on a PhD project involving structural aspects of the photosynthetic oxygen-evolving complex. Since 2006 she has been an active member of the green political party Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen in Germany, where her focus of interest covers national and European environmental as well as education and research policy.

Felix Peniche is employed by the Center for Sustainable Development at Uppsala University as a course coordinator of Actors and Strategies for Change, PhD course assistant for Critical Studies in the Development of Capitalism, and in charge of developing CEMUS Open University. He is heading the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Social Systems Analysis.

Cristián Alarcón Ferrari is a member of the Steering committee of the natural resource management and livelihoods in international development at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. His research projects include political economy, political ecology and environmental communication with a focus on climate change and environmental impact assessments, and Global patterns of production and consumption (GloPat).

Rishabh Khanna is the co-founder of the Indian Youth Climate Network, part of YOUNGO (Youth Constituency in the UNFCCC) and a former South Asia campaign co-coordinator for He holds degrees in Economic Development, Environmental Law and Management, International Law and Diplomacy and is passionate about applying the principle of social biomimicry in the global economy and our collective connection to mother Earth.

Wei Heng Fong is a social entrepreneur with a background in property development and a vested interest in climate change. In Durban, he hopes to assist the IofC team gain and maintain momentum in the constantly evolving field of climate change by shaping positive development through bridging generational and social gaps, thus facilitating productive communication between parties. He believes IofC’s ability to relate to all levels of society without appearing judgmental is its best tool.


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